Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Project Milo 'Absolutely' Still In Development

Wondering if Lionhead's demo of Milo for Kinect would ever actually arrive at retail? Well Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has confirmed the title is still in development:
“Project Milo absolutely continues in development at Lionhead Studios. It is just not a product we plan to bring to market this holiday. The team at Lionhead has always been a center of innovation and will continue to deliver against that charter.”
Eyebrows were raised when Greenberg was quoted saying it wasn't going to ship:
“Milo; he’s safe and sound back in England. No… the Milo Project is something that Lionhead Studios in their labs had developed. Last year we unveiled the Project Natal technology, we showed a bunch of technology demos as part of that."

“And obviously [Milo] is a technology demo that continues to exist, but right now it’s not a game that we’re planning to bring to market.”
But it is coming, we just don't know when... apparently.

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