Friday, 4 June 2010

PEGI Launch Tipped For September

Though there are still many doubts about the new rating system in the UK, the supposed launch will be “this Autumn” according to a group of executives of the new age rating system. Peter Darby, VSC director of operations said:
"The law still remains as it was prior to the Act being passed because what the Act has actually done is given the Secretary of State the power to change it when he feels he wants to, so our particular sections have not been made effective as of yet."
Laurie Hall, VSC director general, added:
"The Secretary of State has to be satisfied that everything has been put in place before he presses the green button," added. "There are various arrangements that have to be put in place: a statutory instrument for dealing with packaging regulations; the Secretary of State has to be happy that the arrangements that the VSC itself has put in place to carry out its statutory duties are in order before he designates us.”

"When exactly will all this happen? We don't know. Our best guess is the early autumn, possibly September."
For what it seems, dialogues with the current BBFC rating are still undergoing and Laurie Hall emphasized on the independence of the system:
"We are and we always have been strictly independent and we could not be and never have been leant on by the industry. And I think we would react not favourably to anything like that."
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