Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No Plans For Final Fantasy XIV On Xbox 360

Whilst Xbox 360 users rejoiced at being able to play Final Fantasy XIII, it looks like no such luck will be in their corner for Final Fantasy XIV as producer Hiromichi Tanaka has revealed Square Enix has no plans for an Xbox 360 version of the game, stating the developer was only working on a PC and Windows based version of the title.

Tanaka also cleared up thoughts behind the E3 demo confirming it was running at 1080p, but the PS3 version would only support 720p, with the 1080p version available PCs that can run it:
“The PS3 version will be running in 720p in order to ensure performance remains high quality, but the PC version can go up to 1080p if your machine is powerful enough. We also support multiple displays, so players can use two or three displays to show the game.”
When asked if we'll still see the game release by the of the year, Tanaka was able to confirm the publisher was still planning to launch this year:
“Yes, that is the plan. In fact, we were planning to bring the director, Komoto-san to this interview as well, but he had to remain in Japan to work on the game, so it is really at a critical finishing stage at the moment.”

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