Monday, 14 June 2010

Nintendo Are Watching Apple Closely Say Capcom

No, not some sinister backstabbing by one company to another but the current Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto believes that Nintendo are watching Apple closely with their continued success in mobile gaming (a market normally reserved for Nintendo and the occasional competitor) and that Apple strategies could mean that the 3DS will have more to show than just 3D gaming. Here’s what he had to say in a recent interview with Japanese publication Nikkei:
"What we're more looking forward to is the offering of a new business model. Nintendo has been in the hardware business for a long time, and I believe they must be looking closely at Apple's recent success."

"We believe third parties are paying attention to Nintendo's E3 3DS announcement because of this point as well."
I would not be surprised if the current head of Capcom knows something we don’t but hopefully we will all find out when the 3DS is unveiled to public at this year’s E3 show in a week’s time.

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