Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Nintendo 3DS Details From E3 2010

Nintendo dedicated a large chunk of their press conference in E3 to release to the world new info and details on their new handheld, the Nintendo 3DS.

The new handheld has a similar shape and size of a Nintendo DSi but it has a set of new features that make the system very appealing. The main and most publicized new feature is the stereoscopic 3D without glasses of any sort that will even include a small lever to increase or decrease the effect as if it were the volume lever. The 3DS will also include a camera as the Dsi had, but it will have 2 to allow people to make those same photographs in 3D. Nintendo also announced an online connection that will operate independently of what the user is doing to automatically update info and game lobbies available for free. Other interesting new features are the new gyroscope sensors and, finally, an analogue controller. All this comes along with a technical upgrade of the system that will allow significantly better graphics.

The developers announced are quite a list, but there are a couple of titles that are really a win for Nintendo, including Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, a take on the Metal Gear Solid franchise (yes!) and the return of a myth: Kid Icarus Uprising. The video displayed showed nice fluid graphics, though there is now way to see if the 3D works without having the actual handheld in your hands.

Nintendo has created a new winner (again). No details on the price or the exact release date, though we can expect for the end of this year. (Thanks to Gizmodo for the photos).

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