Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Namco Says Japanese Games Companies Are In Demand

The largest games publisher in Japan, Namco Bandai Partners has recently said that contrary to current opinions Japanese games companies are very much in demand right now. Olvier Comte, VP at the company had this to say on the matter:
"Many, many top studios right now are interested in working with Japanese publishers," Comte told CVG, adding that this is "absolutely a new phenomenon" in the games industry.

"One reason is that they have reached a very high level of quality, it's absolutely true. Top quality studios are always looking at how they can improve themselves."

"They are used to speaking to Western companies but speaking to Japanese companies is completely different in terms of art design, in terms of making games... they're not the same. I think it brings a new sense, a new feel of how to make videogames."
I wouldn't know about it being an entirely new phenomenon to be honest but the visions of Western and Japanese developers do still differ quite a bit despite how worldwide-facing companies like Capcom may appear to be in their games development. We can only hope a balance is maintained as I prefer to play games beyond FPSs and driving games thank you very much, plus I like the very character of Japanese games mostly as well. Still, it's good that a big publisher is trying to drive forward with this mindset rather than a no-name as it may be the start of a trend to come (hopefully a positive one).

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