Friday, 4 June 2010

Namco Says Developers Must Choose Between E3 And GamesCom

The VP of Bandai Namco Partners, Olivier Comte, has said that publishers and developers will need to choose between the yearly E3 or the European-based GamesCom event because supporting and attending both costs too much:
"I really wonder how E3 is going to be this year because we seem to have come back on track. I wonder if this year it will be E3 like three or four years ago - a very big event. This is how I feel."

"If this is a case then it's clear that the industry will have to choose between E3 and GamesCom, because two events within three months that cost a lot of money for all of the publishers will be too much."
That is true but in business you've got to spend money to make money after all. That and have some good games to show that are guaranteed to sell are always helpful as well. Surely the biggest games publisher in Japan can't be tightening the purse strings that much eh?

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