Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Miyamoto Thinks Mario Shouldn't Star In Too Many Titles

Following the release of Mario Galaxy 2, Miyamoto has said that they shouldn't abuse of the iconic character as it might lose its appeal:
"Mario is a very important character in the Nintendo world and so we want him to appear in our titles.”

"Indeed there are a lot of games to which he is well-suited. However if he appears in too many games then they will lose their uniqueness, and so with that we are very strict when choosing which games to have Mario feature in."
Maybe it's a bit late for this as we have seen Mario star in all sorts of games since his first game, being his image one of the most repeated characters in the videogame world (if not the most). However, he has a point as too many titles would almost certainly have the character lose all appeal.

(They released Mario fucking Paint and Dr fucking Mario!! - Ed)

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