Monday, 28 June 2010

Microsoft Don't Want Shovelware On Kinect

Albert Penello, director of platform marketing for Xbox has said a few kind words we were hoping to hear, and hope are sincere expressing the company's aim for Kinect not to be flooded with shovelware:
“This industry thrives on being able to take an engine or game and put it on as many platforms as possible. We don’t want shovelware, we don’t want ports, we don’t want stuff with motion controls tacked onto it."

“That’s not a slam to our competitors. We wanted original games that were really taking advantage of what our technology does.”
Penello stated that Kinect may not have as many games to offer alongside Nintendo and Sony's motion control devices, but instead believes Microsoft's Kinect will offer a more original experience:
“I know we’re going to have less games for [Kinect] than our competitors, but I think each one of those [games] is doing something interesting. Our system works differently and has different advantages than the wand, quite frankly."

“To me it’s way more important to have a handful of really good game titles that take advantage of the tech than 40 titles of which half of them are controller games with waggle added onto them.”
Penello agreed with wide consumer believe that for games such as Halo, a physical controller is the way to go:
“We continue to say that the controller is the best experience for controller games. When people say, ‘Why don’t you have Halo?’ Well, I don’t want Halo on Kinect. I want Halo on a controller."

“Would it be interesting to see what kind of game they could make using Kinect? Yeah, I would love to see what those guys could do, or what the Call of Duty guys could do. But I don’t want to play Call of Duty 4; I want Call of Duty: Black Ops on the controller.”
Interesting, but we all know from experience that complete garbage sells... (Just Dance on Wii for example) so we'll see how long they last in being 'original'.

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