Friday, 4 June 2010

Madden 2011 Will Include Online Scouting Mode

Remember why playing sports games with friends is particularly pleasing? You guys know each other and you know how each other plays. EA will include an Online scouting mode that will track your plays and style to feedback your internet rivals.

Producer Donny Moore explained how the game will track 10 different situations to have the most accurate report possible:
"Online scouting tracks all of your play-calling and what you like to do in different situations We're tracking every online game that you play: online ranked, unranked, and 'Madden Ultimate Team' head-to-head."

"On defense, the first thing you're going to unlock is the run/pass percentage of your opponent. The next thing you're going to unlock is the field location. Where on the field does your opponent target in this given situation. If it's a run, it's broken down into three zones: right, middle, and left. If it's a pass, it's broken down into more zones: right, middle, and left, and then also short, medium, and deep."
Looks really neat! No longer will we see the same tactics applied again and again!

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