Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Kid Icarus: Uprising Addresses Lack Of Creativity In Industry

Masahiro Sakurai has commented that his upcoming title, Kid Icarus: Uprising is his way of addressing the lack of creativity in the gaming industry today:
“As far as creativity, in designing Kid Icarus, I took a look at what I thought was an overriding problem with a lot of game design."

“I’ve found that, in the established genres, the controls are always the same. For example, in shooting games, you find first-person-shooters utilize all of the buttons on the controller and always do the same thing — the stick is for moving, triggers for shooting and they’re always trapped in this very restricted framework for gameplay."

“And, that’s just not creative. It feels like people are taking this empty shell and just swapping out the story and art and whatnot. This time, with Kid Icarus, we wanted to address that certain problem and not only because I think the industry deserves it, but also because it’s a more satisfying experience personally.

“In the same sort of way that fighting games started to feel stale, there was definitely something new to be had in a design like Smash Brothers. That series, I think, was able to allow new players to come in and made it more accessible. There are so many more possibilities for game design out there but I think a lot of developers are shutting out those ideas and it is definitely a creativity problem.”
The title, a remake of existing IP was announcing during Nintendo's press conference at E3 this month and is down to release on the 3DS next year. Best way to attack creativity is with a remake of an old franchise... just sayin'...

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