Monday, 14 June 2010

Free To Play Games To Double Profits In The Next 5 Years

Research firm DFC Intelligence and Live Gamer have compiled a survey of the Free-to-play games based in micro-transactions and their results point to a continuous growth in the next 5 years up to $7 Billion dollars. In some particular cases, with games like those of Free Realms or Runescape the benefits could triple those actually. Live Gamer president Andrew Schneider commented the survey's results:
"The free-to-play model is increasing in popularity at an astounding rate, both in the US and worldwide. We're seeing average revenue per paying user top $28 per month across the 145 titles that Live Gamer powers around the world. With engaging games and a solid monetisation strategy in place developers and publishers can see great success leveraging item-based business models.”
Many games have seen incredible profits from a market that is still growing and benefiting from the social networks system as well as the classic MMO scheme. EA recently has made a push to this business model with the online Tiger Woods, FIFA and the Need For Speed World. Dungeons & Dragons Online developer Turbine changed the game from a monthly fee to the micro-transaction model with a huge success; in fact, they have already announced that their other online game, Lord of The Rings, will adopt the same system this fall.

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