Monday, 7 June 2010

A Few New Details On InFamous 2

PlayStationInformer has the latest info on what to expect from InFamous 2, with the promise of scans and more info to come from the latest GameInformer magazine, here's what they had to say:
It takes place in a new city called New Marais. Its a fictional New Orleans. This isn’t a younger cole its simply a re-designed cole with a new voice actor. Cole will be spending the time this game becoming a “super-super hero” in order to be able to beat the beast, he will be ramping up his power from the last game.

- From what I see, they have pulled in the camera.

- There are real cutscenes and the traditional comic strip narrative.

-You wont just jump up buildings but will construct ways to make it up buildings using objects to heighten that sense of exploration.

- There should be some new powers outside of electricity but he will still be the electric super hero.

- There is melee weapons.

- Zeke is more helpful.

- More people, cars and things happening in the game.
E3 2010 is a few weeks away, expect loads more to be revealed there.

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