Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Feder: "BioShock 2 Wasn't Hugely Successful"

Take-Two CEO Ben Feder has admitted that BioShock 2 wasn't as successful as the publisher would have liked admitting it should have been more of a smash hit:
“It was ultimately successful, but not hugely successful. We are also looking forward to other hits coming this year.”

“BioShock 2 is profitable for the company and is a great success. The franchise is viable and has a lasting impact on consumers."
So it made money, but not enough money I guess. Feder also pointed to lack of an element of surprise contributing to the game's failure to reach potential:
“The surprise factor is always going to be there. Sometimes they work for you and sometimes they work against you. Our goal is to have them work for us. More often than not. We are in the business of creating huge franchises and launching hits.”
It didn't sell that bad, but it wasn't a chart smashing title across the formats.

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