Monday, 14 June 2010

The Conduit 2 Will Make Use Of The Wii Motion Plus

One of the most requested new features for the sequel of probably the best exclusive FPS for the Nintendo Wii was the inclusion of the new peripheral Motion Plus. Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer of High Voltage Software explained:
“Wii MotionPlus is something that the fans have been asking for since it was announced – we looked at it for the original game, took a look at its implementation in other titles, and ultimately felt that we could add to the experience in Conduit 2 by supporting it. It’s by no means required – gamers will have a great experience without it – but it does offer a level of extra control and adds value to those with the accessory.”
The original was a good game with outstanding controls and a good multiplayer but that was largely criticised for it's weak story. For this 2nd part we can expect a larger and better experience from High Voltage.

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