Monday, 28 June 2010

Cliff Bleszinski Explains The New Beast Mode in Gears Of War 3

The known by all Epic Games president Cliff Bleszinski explained in an interview more details about the all new game mode that will debut in Gears of War 3 where we will have the chance to see through the eyes of the Locust:
“Beast mode is our class-based monster mode. You get to play as all the different Locust creatures you've been fighting for two and now the third game. All the way from the suicide bomber ticker to the shield boomer with his shield and explosive flail, all the way through to the berserker, who has very bad eye sight but has a very nice Hulk smash as well as the ability to just crash through all the coalition's fortifications. Like, screw your couch! I'm going to knock your sandcastle over, which is very very empowering. It's really amazing when you spawn and you see you as this giant berserker and you as a little ticker and you as the serapede, which is this electric centipede that shocks and eats people, all going out to nail the humans who are running and screaming like oh they're everywhere! You really feel like you're bearing down on them. It's up to five players. It's got a little bit of that Horde lineage on it, but it really feels unique because it's so class-based. The kantus resurrects guys; everybody has a role; and it appeals to different people. Some people like to be medics. Some like to be gunners. Some like to be defence men.”
He also commented on the new motion controls and stated quite a few neat ideas to use in conjunction with a controller, though he made it clear that Gears of War 3 won't see anything of it (good). Check the whole interview here.

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