Tuesday, 15 June 2010

BBC Says PlayStation Move Is More Precise Than Kinect

The BBC’s tech correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones has gone on record to say that the PlayStation Move is more precise than Microsoft’s Kinect device. Here are some excerpts of what he had to say after a hands-on session at E3:
“It was an enjoyable, if sweaty, half-hour, and I could certainly see the attractions of throwing away the control and just flinging yourself at the game."

“But I was not quite convinced that Microsoft's technology would deliver for hard-core gamers. It seemed to work well on fun Wii-like games where you didn't need too much precision – I'm not so sure how whether it would deliver on a first-person shooter.”
He then went on to compliment the Playstation Move:
“I've also had a go on Sony's Move motion control system, which is unveiled on Tuesday. Sony's solution is much less radical. It has retained the controller, now adorned with glowing spheres which interact with a sensor unit on the television."

“This makes the whole experience less physical than with Kinect, but it also delivers a lot more precision. Sony showed us a table tennis game which seemed to mimic the real thing much more closely than I have seen elsewhere.”
Now, whether Mr. Cellan-Jones is biased towards Sony or not I can’t say but everyone is entitled to their preferences after all are they not? Make up your own verdict when both devices are released later this year.


Malek said...

*Looks over horizon*

*Sees hordes of Xbox Fanboys with torches and pitchforks storming the BBC offices*

Anonymous said...


phuck-fanboys!! said...

"whether Mr. Cellan-Jones is biased towards Sony or not I can’t say"

This is the reason this site has never taken off...it's a great little blog that I personally find useful for the most part but I can gaurantee that if the BBC reviewer had praised Kinect, "whether Mr. Cellan-Jones is biased towards Microsoft or not I can’t say" would never have appeared in the post.

This blog/page/site, whatever you want to call it should be much more popular but as long as it continues to blindly and unconditionaly support Microsoft's machine over the other 5 formats out there then this will never be anything more than a few guys with too much spare time, kissing the proverbials of one of dirtiest and underhanded companies this planet has ever known...on a tiny site with few visitors.


Anonymous said...

I disagree, they've bashed all three formats lol