Wednesday, 30 June 2010

APB Releases On PC This Week

EA and Realtime Worlds have announced the release of All Points Bulletin (APB) in the US with a UK release date later this week on July 2nd.

The MMO takes the universal theme of Criminals and Enforcers and brings it to a persistent, open-world, online multiplayer setting in the modern, crime-ridden fictional city of San Paro. Some players achieve notoriety by feeding on the city, its people and its businesses…the Criminals. Some live by a higher code and instead feed on the criminals and their organizations…the Enforcers.

Dave Jones, Creative Director of Realtime Worlds, commented:
“APB shipping to retail represents the fruits of five-years hard work from everyone here at Realtime Worlds. We’re delighted that APB has launched and look forward to seeing how the player-base drives the San Paro story forward through urban conflict and in-depth customization.”
It's a PC only title.

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