Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Alien Breed: Impact Arrives On PC On June 3rd

Team17 has announced that Alien Breed: Impact is now available for preorder via Steam before its full release on June 3rd 2010. Preorder customers can enjoy a 10% discount and an exclusive in-game digital comic, chronicling the troubled back-story of the game's hero, Conrad, the doomed space vessel’s Chief Engineer.

A standalone free trial for Alien Breed: Impact will also be made available today, putting the player through their paces in a specially designed “Prologue” section. This can be played in single-player and in online co-op with a shooting buddy. You can download a demo here and check out a new trailer here.

Using Steam allows Team17 to distribute Alien Breed: Impact to a large audience with ultimate ease. Studio Head Martyn Brown commented:
“We’re big fans of the many aspects offered by the system, including all the social/community features, quality networked games, leaderboards, achievements and more. Being able to maintain the products through painless updates and support our games directly will ultimately mean a far better PC gaming experience.”

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