Thursday, 13 May 2010

Zombie Cow Releases Privates

The game people, not the testicles of a bovine.

The game is called Privates, and it’s certainly not a game we’d have expected to come out with much development behind it. Players take control of condom-helmet wearing soldiers with a serious mission as they delve into the naughty places of humans, their bums and vaginas (if you’re a girl obviously).

Once inside, their mission is to bring freedom and democracy to the, oh no wait, that’s a different game. Rather, players must destroy oozing monsters in these nether regions that represent disease which a not so careful but sexually active person might contract from sex.

Yeah you got it, it’s a sex education game, which developer Zombie Cow is producing in association with Channel 4. Dan at Zombie Cow commented:
“Privates boasts five whole levels of bug-busting action across a variety of gorgeous 3D locations, with a fully-voiced comedy script and a nutso soundtrack. You never know, you might even learn something handy about your downstairs-department.”
The game is coming out on the Xbox 360 and PC. It’ll be free on the PC, and available this summer on the Channel 4 website. It might cost a little on the Xbox 360 but you can’t really put a price on sex education can you? No, so don’t bloody charge for it Microsoft.

So there you go, might want to explain the game to the parents in advance of the purchase.

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