Sunday, 2 May 2010

Why Things Have Been Quiet

Hiya folks. A quick note to update you all on why there's been no updates since last week. Mark, the editor and founder of was involved in quite a serious accident on Wednesday afternoon, which has left him with more or less a hole through his right hand.

After immediate surgery there appears to be no long term damage, but writing, typing and all general use of his right hand is temporarily on hold. Stitches are due to come out on Wednesday 5th May and we wish him a speedy recovery. Updates will resume as soon as possible, but as we're only an independent news Blog, things are on hiatus at the moment.

- Akira, site guardian.


Kyioshi said...

Hope Mark gets well soon, this project of his has made our life a lot easier (read: lazy).

Collins said...

Yeah it sure is an easy read. Lookin forward to things gettin back on track.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope that everything turns out well for you my friend! Wish you a fast recovery.