Monday, 17 May 2010

Virtual Air Guitar Company Announces Kung-Fu Live

Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd, the Helsinki –based independent game developer and computer vision specialist, today announced their in-development fighting adventure game Kung-Fu LIVE

Coming later this year to PlayStation Network, Kung-Fu LIVE hopes to be an interactive experience unlike anything seen before. With accurate tracking and background removal, the player’s real-life image is transported inside the game. Boosted with super-human abilities, the player literally becomes the hero of the game.

Powered by Emergent Game Technologies’ Gamebryo LightSpeed, Kung-Fu LIVE is targeted at the broad audience as a game to be enjoyed in a social setting amongst family and friends. Toss away the gamepad and kick, jump, flip and throw punches against a growing swarm of baddies - Kung-Fu LIVE is all about hands-free, real-time movement and action.

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