Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Survey Says Gamers Enticed By PS3 HD Capability

A recent survey from research firm Nielsen has shown that of 700 consumers they polled for their reasons for wanting a PS3, 65% of those replied that the Blu-ray facility was the main draw for their purchase. Other common reasons such as a reduction in price (compared to the release RRP), software available, upgrading from a PS2 and playing online were also recorded in the survey.

Not surprising given that since Blu-ray won the Hi-Definition format war with HD DVD, SONY have been pushing hard to convince consumers that the format is a worthwhile upgrade from DVD. Including the facility to play said discs from their current games machine is not a surprise and with Blu-ray disc prices becoming more reasonable everyday I can understand that people want from a PS3 what they got from their PS2s, to be able to kick back and watch a flick once in a while.

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