Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Splinter Cell: Conviction Sequel In The Works

And lets all hope they don't take as long as they did with the first one...

Ubisoft has recently opened a new studio in Toronto, and it will be them in charge of the next Sam Fisher game that will be using the same engine developed for Conviction. They are also supposedly working on a yet unannounced AAA project at the same time. In fact, Ubisoft has big plans for this studio, planning a staff of 800 within 10 years. Studio head Jade Redmond commented:
"Instead of starting a studio and working on small projects, Nintendo DS or portables, we're starting out of the gate with triple-A only. The reason that I think that's the right strategy is that it allows us to attract the best talent right off the bat."
I love to say it: he has a point. Triple A games! Yay!

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