Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sony Will Continue Supporting Retail And Digital Distribution

SCEE president Andrew House has commented that its up to publishers to provide a choice to consumers regarding physical and digital distribution and states Sony will continue to offer the choice for the foreseeable future:
“Disc based content is still very much what the consumer is used to and wants. However, there has been a change in attitude and technology that is making digital delivery far more feasible and far more attractive."

“It is our job to ensure that consumers have the choice between the two where possible. How this area will evolve, I can’t really say at this time, as we are relying on many things outside of our control, such as broadband speeds."

“Things are changing quickly and we have to make sure we are ready for those changes”.
You can read more from House here, but seeing as they support both formats I'm gonna go try and insert a UMD into my PSP Go...

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