Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sony Secures Deal With In The US

Sony have recently made a deal with the HBO channel in order to provide PS3 users with access to episodes of the programmes they show. Eleven of their series will be able to US users to start with and new content will be added to PSN every Tuesday. Episodes of the shows will be available around the same time as they appear on DVD and will be available for $2.99 each. Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony PlayStation had this to say on the matter:
"HBO is a high-profile content provider, and a real premium service, so we think this really reinforces that the PlayStation is more than just a videogame console now."

"It gives consumers that big-screen, HD experience in the home on a device other than cable and satellite, and that's becoming the norm now as opposed to the exception. Networks like HBO can be beholden to the cable and satellite companies, or they can play wherever the consumers play."
Although I think savvy PS3 users have been finding ways of watching episodes of HBO series on their PS3s already its always good to provide the means to customers who don't have the time or want the hassle of doing that and would be happy to pay a little to catch an episode when they choose. As long as this doesn't work out vastly more expensive than the DVD box sets it sounds like a good idea.

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