Friday, 21 May 2010

Sega Is Pleased With Yakuza 3 Western Sales

Yakuza 3 took its time to see a release in the west, mainly caused by the poor sales that Yakuza 2 suffered. However, Yakuza 3 has been doing really well largely thanks to it being an awesome game. A Sega rep posted on the game's forums:
"As was mentioned a couple times above, Sega doesn't generally release any specific numbers in terms of game sales. So, while I'm not able to give you any numbers, I can at least still confirm that the initial sales were really positive, and that all of the fans who jumped in to support the franchise in the west did a great job."
It's certainly good news, as it opens a door to see a western release of Yakuza 4 which was released in Japan about the same date we saw Yakuza 3 on our shores.

Yakuza 3 received a great reception in the West and it's good to know that Sega haven't given up on the series.

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