Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rebellion Accused Of Withholding Wages

The Derby (UK) arm of AVP developer Rebellion has been accused of withholding employee wages and "large redundancy packages" amidst 'financial difficulties'.

Purportedly the wages for April have been unpaid to employees. The Derby studio closed in March and redundancy payments for staff, some of whom have been employed for 20 years, are being held up with the suspicion being that the studio might be close to bankruptcy. An ex-Rebellion Derby employee has told Develop magazine:
"What I understand from the guys left in Derby - there are about 5 of them I think - is that they were told to go home, still with no explanation of what was happening with the money they are owed."

"Come pay day, after clearing the office, the [affected staff] didn't get the wages for April's pay, and those due redundancy money that month didn't get it either.”
They go on to say that large remaining expenses "coupled with the fact that Derby is registered as a separate company from Rebellion Oxford, and that the people left over have the most expensive redundancy payouts, has made people think that they will probably file for bankruptcy for Rebellion Derby Ltd."

The accusations are as yet unproven but a spokesperson for Rebellion has refused to comment at this time.

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