Friday, 28 May 2010

PS3 Market Show Grows To 31%

According to a new report from Strategy Analytics the PS3 could catch up to the Xbox 360 in terms of global sales with the recent growth the console has experienced. The report claims that as of Q1 2010 SONY's current console has a 31% share of the global market so far. It also predicts the number of sales of the PS3 machine to rise up to 14m units, ahead of the forecast for amount of Xbox 360 units sold. One of the principal analyst from the company, David Mercer, had this to say on the matter:
“Our analysis shows that while Wii sales fell relative to Q109, its share in fact remained constant relative to Q409. The main movement in Q1 2010 was the growing share for Sony’s PS3, at the expense of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. “The PS3 continues to benefit from the price cut last September. This should help the PS3 maintain growth momentum throughout 2010. The introduction of the Natal technology should also help re-energize Microsoft’s Xbox 360 platform in the second half of the year.”
I would definitely agree that a price cut to the PS3 helped it along the way. That and an increased library of quality and varied titles will also have helped shift units into consumers hands. After all, healthy competition is good competition and its better than one company having a monopoly on the console market. Consumers are always better of when they have choices in any entertainment medium and games are no exception.

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