Monday, 17 May 2010

Pachter Says Natal And Move Are First Upgrades To Consoles

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has commented on Microsoft and Sony's upcoming Motion Control devices being the first upgrade to the consoles in what may be the manufacturers first step in upgrading consoles:
“We are going to see an upgrade with Natal and Move, so the console manufacturers are open to it but I don’t think they are ready to allow you to upgrade a graphics card.”

“I think that if companies were to allow users to upgrade consoles in the future, any upgrades would have to be external."

“I say that not because it is technologically impossible but it is just that the boxes right now are made to be tamper proof."

“They’re intended for people not to open them up and put mod chips in them… If you can open it and upgrade components, then you can figure out a way to overcome digital rights, put in a mod chip and then rip off all the software and all your friends’ software and play it all on your console."

“The console manufacturers have no interest in allowing that to happen.”
Pachter was speaking in the latest episode of his show, Pach Attack hosted on GTTV.

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