Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pachter Believes Gears Of War 3 Will Release On PS3

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has recently predicted that Epic will bring their upcoming game Gears of War to the PS3 as well unless Microsoft are willing to pay an increased fee to keep the series exclusive to the Xbox 360:
“Epic don't regret it, because they're all very wealthy and they cut themselves a great deal. What I really meant was future versions of Gears are at least going to be negotiated to allow them to make them on multiplatform unless Microsoft pays even more."

“So the success of Gears allows Epic to squeeze even more money out of them for exclusives in the future."

“We'll see what Epic does, but I don't think you're going to get any new franchises after Gears that are console exclusives. Same thing – these guys all want to make money.”
Again a situation where time will tell but will players buy the 3rd in a franchise if it comes out on the PS3? And if they’ve played the previous two games in the series doesn’t this mean they already own a 360? Still, time will tell if GOW becomes multi-platform or not.

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