Friday, 14 May 2010

NPD April 2010 - Sony's Response

Despite coming fourth in the hardware sales charts, Sony made note that PS3 hardware sales were up a whopping 42.6% year on year for April. CEO and president Jack Tretton commented:
“Having just surpassed nine consecutive months of year-over-year growth for PS3 hardware and a revenue increase of 32 percent for PS3 software since last April, we look at today’s earnings as a proof point to our business mode."

“The continued momentum of our brand only further solidifies the value proposition we offer our consumers — we’re providing complete entertainment experiences so our consumers can enjoy what they want, how they want it."

“Later this year, [the brand] will grow to include ground-breaking new innovations such as 3D games and movies, and a whole new kind of motion controlled gaming. Consumers will have a lot of reasons to be entertained this year and we’re confident that PlayStation will be at the heart of bringing these new entertainment experiences to consumers.”

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