Friday, 14 May 2010

NPD April 2010 - Games Industry Is Down Year On Year

As usual the NPD Group is on hand to piss on everyone's parade reporting the games industry revenues are down by 26% year on year for the month of April and down 11% so far year to date.

Hardware sales are down 37%, software is down 22% and peripherals were down 9%.

According to the NPD Group’s Anita Frazier it's the “worst year-over-year decline since July ‘09, and the fourth largest year-over-year percentage decline ever after September 2000, June ‘09 and July ‘09.”

Frazier blamed an upsurge in the portable market which saw 25% of the total money spent:
“Last year the DS sold more than 1 million units so that was always going to be a pretty tough number to comp, but even with the decline from last year, the DS was the best-selling hardware system of the month and its closing in on the PS2 as the best-selling hardware system of all time."

“Part of the decrease from last year can be attributed to Easter shifting. Last year, Easter fell in mid-April so most Easter shopping was accounted for in April sales."

“This year, that shopping would have fallen in March, so that could account for about $55 million of the decline from last year."

“Interestingly, the decline in software sales seems to have been driven by catalogue titles and March ‘10 releases which fell off more dramatically in their second month at market than did the March new releases last April. The April ‘10 new releases actually performed very favourably in aggregate as compared to last April’s new releases.”
It's a funny old game.

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