Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nintendo Sees Super Mario Galaxy 2 As Record Setting Title

Nintendo are predicting that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be its biggest Mario release yet and is hoping that it will trounce the success of previous Mario titles to date. Nintendo's marketing manager Robert Lowe had this to say on the matter:
“We hope this will be one of the biggest Mario launches in the UK to date."

“Mario Kart Wii is the current record holder, and the buzz around Galaxy 2 is even bigger than it was around Mario Kart.”

“Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a very different type of game – but we think the gaming public will be astounded at how the EAD team has managed to improve on a virtually flawless predecessor,” said Lowe.

“We also hope those who entered the world of Mario with New Super Mario Bros Wii will make the next step onto Super Mario Galaxy 2 and find it as amazing, astounding and beautiful as we have.”
It goes without saying that Mario games have always sold really well and if Super Mario Galaxy 2 is any glimmer as good as the first outing I can't see that trend ending any time soon.

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