Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mike Capps Says Piracy Really Harmed PC Gaming

Speaking in an interview in the latest edition of Edge magazine, Epic president Mike Capps has commented on the age old issue of piracy and how the money is on the console:
“If you walked into [Epic's Offices] six years ago, Epic was a PC company. We did one PS2 launch title, and everything else was PC. And now, people are saying ‘Why do you hate the PC? You’re a console-only company.’”

“And guess what? It’s because the money’s on console.”

“We still do PC, we still love the PC, but we already saw the impact of piracy: it killed a lot of great independent developers and completely changed our business model.”
Capps then mentioned games like Farmville being the biggest PC games at the moment:
“So, maybe Facebook will save PC gaming, but it’s not going to look like Gears of War.”

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