Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Lionhead Want More Living Things Roaming Around In Fable III

Fable III Screenshot Fable III Screenshot Fable III Screenshot

Lionhead’s lead artist, John McCormack, has commented on the living environment within Fable III revealing the team is working on populating Albion with more than just a few chickens running about the place:
“The lack of animals in the Fable franchise is always something that has bothered me and we’ve gone a little way into improving in this area for the latest instalment."

“The problem is trying to convince an entire animation/AI team to spend their resources away from things like combat, cutscenes, expressions, gestures, simulation etc and work on the new badger we’ve just built."

“As you can imagine, the priority drops somewhat for these things and often don’t make the final cut."

“In Fable III, so far we’ve built bats, crows, rabbits, ducks, robins, vultures, lizards, rats, butterflies, moths, insect swarms, dogs, fireflies, geese and we even started on a cow… whether or not these will make it into the final game is anyone’s guess at this point”.
That all sounds cool, but we all know at the end of the day, every gamer is just gonna try and kill them all.

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