Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Jordan Mechner Wanted A Cameo In New Prince Of Persia Movie

But it was denied. In a recent interview, Jordan Mechner expressed his opinions on the imminent Prince of Persia movie where he has taken a leading role to see his vision come a reality:
“It’s the kind of movie that inspired me to make the games in the first place. It’s an adventure, it takes you to a different place, it’s a love story. In many ways it’s more spectacular than I imagined, just because of the incredible skill and the lavish production.”
He also stated that he had wished for a cameo in the movie as an ostrich rider, but it was denied because it was deemed too dangerous:
“I really wanted to do cameos as one of the Ostrich Riders, but they wouldn’t let me – they said it wasn’t safe!”
Jordan Mechner is currently working on a script for the upcoming movie of the comic Fathom, with Megan Fox for the main role:
“Fathom’s based on the comic series by the late Michael Turner. Megan Fox plays a girl who’s always felt an affinity with the water and the ocean. It’s a spectacular brilliant adventure, but it’s just at the script stage.”
Prince of Persia will be on theatres across the world in the following 2 weeks, 28th of May in US and the UK.

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