Monday, 24 May 2010

Grasshopper's New Game To Be Killer7 Sequel?

In a recent interview with Grasshoppers Studios main designer Goichi Suda (better known as Suda51) regarding the release of No More Heroes 2, he hinted on what he could be bringing to us next. He specified that for now there are no plans of bringing a third game to the No More Heroes series, but when asked about the possibility of a Killer7 remake he said:
“Killer7? Killer7 is a very very important game for me. The creative challenge of both the team at Grasshopper and me is packed into the game. killer7 is the part of my soul. A remake? No, but if I get the opportunity, I am certainly interested in making a new killer7.”
The original Killer7 was one of the most bizarre games of the Gamecube, but it was also very original; later it was also released on the PS2. Shamefully, it's not an easy game to get your hands on.

In the interview, Suda also commented their future DS plans and if Travis Touchdown will ever make his way into a Smash Bros. Game. Check the whole interview here!

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