Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Goichi Suda/Shinji Mikami Collaboration Half-Way Complete

EA has revealed the recent collaboration between game creators Goichi Suda and Shinji Mikami is halfway to completion and can be expected for release next year. EA Partners boss David Demartini commented on the upcoming project:
"How would I describe it? I mean, if you follow Suda at all, you won't be surprised to hear it's mad genius in the horror genre. And hopefully we can continue to build on his reputation such that his games get appreciated by more and more people."

"I think sometimes when sometimes when someone gets a reputation for developing games that are a little bit out there, the interest in their specific games is smaller than it should be - it gets labelled as 'niche'. His designs are really, really creative and he thinks differently. In this world of making games we need more people who think differently."
It's natural for the guy behind the company funding the project to get excited about what's coming but I doubt that anything that Suda and Mikami are working on will be run of the mill and sub par. Plus I wouldn't mind another good horror game, wouldn't you?

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