Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Game Comments On Current Staff Situation

The MD of GAME's UK & Eire office, Martyn Gibbs, has responded to recent claims that had been made by a GAME employee who had set up a help group for affected staff members of the recent changes taking place in the company:
“GAME are finding ways in which to streamline workload and reduce the skills needed to complete daily tasks to a minimum."

“Many who relied on their job to pay the rent or to feed their family, have had their weekly hours lowered in the worst case scenarios to just four hours per week. Communication between store staff and the rest of the company has hit an all time low. Management have taken the stance of nonchalance while the ‘support’ that was promised to employees in these difficult times has yet to be seen."
It does make you wonder that if the company's own staff are willing to set up such a group in the first place then surely they are legitimately unhappy about the situation and only if they are given back the hours/wages/security they once had will they feel at ease once again. Just an idea.

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