Wednesday, 19 May 2010

EA In Search Of A Deal With Bungie

Bungie just recently announced their partnership with Activision for the next 10 years but it seems that this agreement only extends to the new IP Bungie is working on. EA tried in its day to sign up Bungie in their EA Partners program but no deal was reached, thus leaving the area clear for Activision to make their move. Electronic Arts Partners boss David DeMartini said:
“We had extensive conversations with them, but could never really figure out a deal that made sense for both of us. It just didn’t come to fruition. Obviously, they were able to come up with some kind of deal that made sense to Activision and made sense to Bungie and we hope they make great games. It’s healthy for the industry to have big independent studios that are making great products. I don’t want to see them fail – I want them to be successful. And when they start up a second team, we’ll have other discussions with them about that game as well – because they’re a great studio. There are probably only 20 studios in the world that are that highest level – and they’re certainly one of them.”
This certainly shows that if Bungie grows and opens a new office to develop another IP, we could expect EA to try and obtain rights over the new studio's games.

Interesting... could we see both Activision and EA publishing Bungie games? That could be a pretty explosive cocktail...

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