Wednesday, 12 May 2010

E3 2010 Expo Set To Be Biggest Yet

A bit more than a month is what's left to find out what the videogame industry has in store for us. This E3 has been signalled to be one of the most important of the last decade with everyone curious about the all-new control schemes Natal and Move. Entertainment Software Association (ESA)'s CEO Michael D. Gallagher commented on the importance of this year's event:
"The world is coming to the E3 Expo this June. With ground-breaking announcements expected from computer and video game publishers and developers, this year's E3 Expo is going to be the main event for the entertainment industry in 2010. Major retailers, investor analyst firms, and media from the United States and over 60 countries are already committed to attending."
Major companies have been keeping their future projects for presentation on this E3 and expectation is high. Some of what we might see could be some Gears of War 3 gameplay, Little Big Planet 2, the new Call of Duty, Halo: Reach, Dead Space 2... and that is only naming some of the important names we already know about...

What new games will we see this year? Who will win the press conference war? Patience... patience... (Hell! Give us a release date for StarCraft 2!)

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