Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dead Space 2 Won't Be A Run And Gun Title

For any of you folks out there who might have the idea that Dead Space 2 would be a run and gun sequel, you're wrong says Dead Space 2’s executive producer, Steve Paptousis:
“Action’s been a question that a lot of people have been asking about. It’s funny, because a lot of people say that the first game was a horror-action shooter, and when we’ve spoken about action this time around, I think some people are taking that out of context."

“As I demonstrated today with the decompression and the impalement elements, those are different mechanics that you can use to defeat the enemies, but also change the pacing of the game."

“What I really want to be extremely clear about with everybody, is that Dead Space 2 is a not a run-and-gun game, we’re not turning it into that."

“You can’t just maintain tension all the way throughout the game, because what happens is people get desensitized and then they’re not scared. So you have to change the pace of the game to really set people up for scares and that’s what we’re really focused on doing."

“So, anybody that thinks Dead Space 2 is going to turn in to some run-and-gun space marine game where the hero is busting off one-liners is totally wrong and should not be worried about that."

“We are focused on making Dead Space 2 a kick-ass sequel to first game”.
Awesome town, it's down to arrive early next year.

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