Monday, 24 May 2010

Confirmed Gameplay Details For Killzone 3

A comprehensive Killzone 3 preview has made its way onto the net and has confirmed nearly all of the details leaked Friday night. The latest info tells us that there will be 'jungle' levels and that players can wield mini guns. Key facts include:
* Guerrilla began creating the title as soon as Killzone 2 shipped.

* Concept art shows the game will be far more colourful than its predecessor. Environments will include jungles 'filled with phosphorous light' and white snow level.

* IGN reports: 'The first three minutes we're allowed to go hands-on with has more set-pieces crammed in to it than the entire first level of Killzone 2, and it's also ten times bigger than what had gone before.'

* The snow level is called Frozen Shores, and is the fourth level of the game. It sees Sev and Rico en route to an arms facility in a bid to rescue Captain Narville. It opens with Sev manning a mini-gun.

* Sev picks up the mounted mini-gun and can carry it - although it slows him down.

* The melee system is much-improved. It's now 'context sensitive'. IGN reports: 'Creep up on a Helghan and it's possible to kick them up against a wall before plunging the knife with a further press of the melee button.'

* Gruesome kills have been introduced. 'Sticking the knife in places it doesn't belong like a Helghan's ribcage or eye socket,' reports IGN.

* Helghans now have jetpack troopers among their ranks, and they die spectacularly.

* Players can also use jetpacks. Tapping L1 sends the player skywards, while X lends a temporary speed boost. However, the altitude is capped.

* There's a mini-gun attached - but it easily overheats.

* The rocket-firing WASP weapon is similar to Modern Warfare's tank-busting gun. 'Primary fire unleashes a barrage of missiles that corkscrew their way to the intended target, with smoke wisps trailing in their path,' reports IGN. 'Secondary fire sees players looking down a scope, locking on to a target and then unleashing death from above as rockets fire into the sky.'

* The game is fully 3D enabled and 'looks stupendous'. Bullets fly out of the screen.

* Sony isn't yet confirming whether the game will have Move support - although CVG's been told it will.

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