Wednesday, 19 May 2010

BioShock Fans Unhappy With Recent DLC

Players are expressing their concerns about not being able to play the new maps that are included in the Metro Map Pack DLC that was recently made available for BioShock 2.

Problems have arisen such as not being able to access multiplayer games on the new maps if one of the players in the match doesn't have the DLC. Players are also facing the issue of not being able to choose the maps they want to duel it out on and instead having to put up with random choice instead. The K community manager Elizabeth Tobey responded:
"We didn't want to assume everyone would have the maps, and we didn't want to split the player base (because in previous weeks, we'd already established that sucks.) So DLC maps are in public map rotation if everyone has the content, and otherwise base maps are used - that way you can play with your friends even if they don't have the DLC content. If you want to only play DLC maps, however, private matches are the best way to go about that - that way you can use only those maps."
Sounds like a typical response given the situation. How about including the option to let the players have the choice instead? Other games have implemented this in their multiplayer options, why not include it here? Still, until any such change or patch is released players will have to make the best of what they have for now.

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