Monday, 24 May 2010

Backbreaker Demo Now Available On Xbox Live

505 Games and developer NaturalMotion have released a demo for American football title Backbreaker on Xbox Live. A Backbreaker demo on PlayStation Network will also be available soon. Players can now hit the gridiron and test the hard-hitting, explosive action before the game hits shelves on 25th June, exclusively at Game stores nationwide.

Players can choose from one of six teams to play in exhibition mode, under various weather conditions in the San Francisco stadium. The demo preps players for an explosive season as Backbreaker’s training camp mode helps sharpen running, passing, kicking and tackling skills before they step onto the field. Players can train further for the full Backbreaker experience with the Tackle Alley mini game. Already a popular download for iPhone and iPad, Tackle Alley gives players the option to play solo or test the split-screen local multiplayer function as they try to gain yards and avoid sacks and tackles.

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