Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ubisoft: “Splinter Cell: Conviction Is An Xbox 360 Exclusive”

A lot of rumours have been going around the net about the existence of a PS3 version of the new Splinter Cell. The main factor of credibility is the fact that it would be a profitable move for Ubisoft, both economical and of public opinion.

Well, Ubisoft has come out to confirm the Xbox 360 and PC exclusivity... but leaves an open door since it doesn't deny the existence of a PS3 port.

This comes after Michael Pachter's comments that there will probably be a Splinter Cell: Conviction port in the PS3 ready for the end of the year. I wouldn't confirm the existence of the PS3 version but I wouldn't be surprised if it is announced...

[Urgh... Ubisoft can legally say it's an exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC even when there's a PS3 port in production. 'Timed Exclusive' is still an exclusive, and when it releases on PS3, they state it 'was' exclusive for a specified time, as agreed with Microsoft. - Mark]

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