Monday, 19 April 2010

Sunday Times Says Kids Becoming 'Hooked' On Games

In a recent cover story The Sunday Times has claimed that teenagers are becoming ‘hooked’ on games. The headline attached to the cover story read:

'GAME BOY... Ben, 14, is playing Grand Theft Auto IV. What is online addiction doing to kids?'

The article is headlined ‘Logged on and switched off’ and claims that ‘a generation of screenagers are becoming hooked on a virtual world’.

I can see where comedians like George Carlin were coming from when he used to say that authority doesn’t want you to engage in anything that could be fun. Sounding like a broken record, this is not new for the press to berate the games industry but it’s our choice, it will continue to be and it wont stop any time soon. Now go and enjoy your hobbies, I’m going to play a game, thanks.

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