Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Red Faction To Get A Movie

THQ's core VP, Danny Bilson has revealed that there will be a movie tie in, released in conjunction with the next Red Faction Title. Bilson commented on the company's 'trans-media' strategy, which will see THQ developing movie projects for co-releasing with games:
"What you're going to see from us in how we're going to see original IP is going to be different."

"We're going to be doing the most robust trans-media plays anybody's ever seen in the games business."

"Other companies are, 'oh, we just license this IP to this studio' and you never see anything, or at the most you see some bad Mario Bros. movie. Nobody has ever made it work."

THQ are soon to release "some really interesting stuff" apparently, in relation to this trans-media strategy. All Bilson revealed was that the releases will be in relation to Red Faction, giving nothing else away.
"My game is going to get made either way but what I do is I'm giving these movie guys the opportunity to meet me two or three years at the end with a triple-A, awesome game and a triple-A, awesome movie that complement each other - and certainly don't repeat each other - and start to build a world and a fiction and all of that.

"You're going to see some announcements from us soon that are very robust in that area and it's nothing like you've seen before."

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