Thursday, 22 April 2010

Reach Will Be Bungie’s Last Halo Game

Halo Reach Screenshot Halo Reach Screenshot Halo Reach Screenshot

Well, as it stands, the guys and girls at Bungie obviously never say never. Lead multiplayer designer, Lars Bakken has said that another Halo game might be a possibility "ten years down the line":
"As far as right now, currently, yes. This is our last Halo Bungie game. Now in the future, who knows? You can never say never, because things change. maybe ten years down the line we decide to make another Halo game, but for right now, yes. This is it for us."
This does not however mean the end of Bungie, as Microsoft has, rather openly, pulled new talent together to handle the franchise, 343 Industries.

Earlier this year they created over 20 positions at 343 to work on "a new game in the Halo universe". Hmm, let’s hope Microsoft keeps its stodgy fingers away from the franchise itself ey.

Still, we’ve got Halo: Reach to look forward to yet! The BETA of which is out this May 3rd, available through copies of Halo: ODST.

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